MyKeyPeople specializes in the design and architecture of IT systems. Central to our unique offerings is the delivery of high level design artifacts through a visual, vivid and collaborative experience that lasts throughout the life cycle an ERP implementation and well into the post-live operational stages of day-to-day business.

When undertaking or maintaining an ERP implementation, it is of paramount importance for all participants to have a clear view on choices that were made for products, the design of the system, the overall business process and the accounting and operational architecture.

The benefits of having a visual displays of system architecture are

  • clearly state the organizations intent,
  • expose design weakness,
  • unify different teams,
  • provide clear unambiguous direction,
  • deliver key insights into the project,
  • tease out hidden complexity
  • communicate to the mass audience within the company. 

The key design documents that we deliver are

  • Technical Architecture
  • Functional Architecture
  • Process Architecture
  • Accounting Architecture
  • Maintenance and Period Close Schedules